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What is Digital Marketing?

With everything becoming more and more digitized – it is important to get with the times. Traditional marketing entails advertising through newspapers, radios, flyers etc. and such mediums have a downside towards them such as: there is hardly any interaction between the consumer and the business; advertising on print/radio can be costly; and unfortunately, it is difficult to see how effective your marketing strategy is. I am not saying ‘traditional marketing’ is down and out. However, it is crucial to look at the bigger picture; people are always either staring at their computer screens or looking down on their smartphones. So why not take your business to where your consumers spend most of their time.

The practice of digital marketing has many elements to it which are all equally important. One of the main elements is search engine optimization which is usually referred to as SEO in short. This method encompasses techniques which ultimately makes sure that your website comes up in the search engine’s search results. The second element is email marketing. Email marketing when done right brings your business to your consumers. The objective of such engagement should generally generate sales. Thirdly, we have social media strategy. Developing a relationship with your consumers is very important. Social media is then used as a platform whereby the business and its consumers can engage. Whether it is by inquiring about a specific product or by engaging in conversation – this creates a relationship between the consumer and the business. The forth element is PPC campaign which is ‘pay per click’. Since organic search takes time, this element becomes a catalyst in making sure your website comes at the top of search engines thus generating traffic towards your website which should ultimately result in sales. Lastly, we have content. All the elements which I have previously mentioned need content. With good quality content, you can meet your objectives almost instantaneously.

Now that we have touched on what digital marketing is, we now understand the importance of it. Not only do we see that it is important for your business to exist online, but it is more important to have a good digital marketing strategy.