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Social Media – How to Gain Genuine Followers for Your Business

More and more companies are promoting their brands on social media. More specifically, through the usage of social media influencers. Whether it’s on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter – many big names are opting for this route as one of their ways to market their brands.

Unfortunately, you can’t expect to make money off your social media page without a big following. Although you can buy followers, many of these aren’t real people which means you will not get the interaction you are looking for resulting in you not increasing your clientele. So how do we now increase our followers organically? With these simple steps bellow, you will find your numbers reaching.


In order to meet your objectives in everything you do – you need to be consistent. Same with social media. You should post as often as you can (If you don’t have time to sit on your social media page everyday then the best thing to do is to schedule your posts).


Optimize Your Social Media Profiles

Your profile should be straightforward and clear. Make sure that your profile name is simple and easy to remember. Also, your description should state who you are and what it is you do. Make sure that the info section of your page is filled


Make it Personal

The best way to accomplish this is through engagement. Disha Denish states that people are more receptive to your content when they have personally interacted with you. So speak to your market and make sure you engage with your followers.


Don’t expect the growth to happen overnight. The tips which I have provided are for you to build a following which will benefit you or your business.