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SEO 411

Some of the terms used in digital marketing can get quite intimidating. Terms such as ‘Search Engine Optimization’ – which in short is referred to as SEO – can be quite the mouthful. Search engine optimization is a named used to refer to numerous different techniques designed to make your website get more exposure by getting a higher ranking on search engines. These techniques include methods to make sure that your website is functional and is user-friendly.


Who Does the SEO?

We have spoken about the importance of online presence. You have a website, now what? Yes, you are online but again, you are still competing with other businesses similar to yours and a consumer will most likely stay on the 1st page of a search engine. Since there are a lot of techniques involved in SEO, we must hire individuals to handle it so that we can deal with other aspects of our businesses. Hiring a SEO specialist to optimize your website can be pricey but it is worth it at the end of the day. There’s a high return of investment when your website starts ranking through the increase in traffic which ultimately means that there is an increase in sales.


How Long Does it Take? 

For long term success – SEO can be a slow process. It is important to note however that there are methods of SEO out there which promise fast results. Yes, you do see fast results at first, but this can be harmful to your website in the future. The best results will be achieved by working long term and allowing the work to take time. This way you will see benefits for years to come and you might be able to stay at the top of Google with minimal work. A good foundation is key in successful SEO work.


To Note:

It is important that when you venture into something the first time, you do it correctly. This starts with having a website that is good on its design aspect and more importantly, it must function well. It then becomes easier and faster for it to rank well on search engines