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Online Marketing

Web Design and Development

Having a website goes far beyond being online so that your online consumers can find you. It becomes significant because these potential consumers are able to gain product knowledge and make inquiries 24/7. Meaning you can go about the affairs of your business without having to physically promote your business. Building AND maintaining an online […]

Women in South African Media

“Wathinta Abafazi, Wathinta iMbokodo” We all know that every action has a reaction. On the 9th of August 1995, one of the largest demonstrations was staged where 20 000 women of all races marched to Pretoria’s Union Buildings to present a petition against the carrying of passes by women to the prime minister. These women […]

Why is Email Marketing so Brilliant?

  I am sure we have all personally received emails from companies which we have subscribed to. To name a few: emails of newsletters; information on upcoming products; sales ; etc. This practise is called email marketing. Email marketing is the act of sending a commercial message, typically to a group of people, using email. […]

SEO 411

Some of the terms used in digital marketing can get quite intimidating. Terms such as ‘Search Engine Optimization’ – which in short is referred to as SEO – can be quite the mouthful. Search engine optimization is a named used to refer to numerous different techniques designed to make your website get more exposure by […]

Social Media – How to Gain Genuine Followers for Your Business

More and more companies are promoting their brands on social media. More specifically, through the usage of social media influencers. Whether it’s on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter – many big names are opting for this route as one of their ways to market their brands. Unfortunately, you can’t expect to make money off your social […]

What is Digital Marketing?

With everything becoming more and more digitized – it is important to get with the times. Traditional marketing entails advertising through newspapers, radios, flyers etc. and such mediums have a downside towards them such as: there is hardly any interaction between the consumer and the business; advertising on print/radio can be costly; and unfortunately, it [...]